1. Do you still do art commissions?
Not at the moment. I usually take them on a case by case basis when I am.

2. What kind of trades do you usually do?
I do art trades, when I am open to doing so. Do keep in mind, I do fair trade services (what you would ask/charge is how much I will give back).

3. I like you on Twitch/YouTube, can I ask you to play a game/do a special video?
I am always open to hearing suggestions of games to play or new video ideas. Depending on the game though, could mean on if I can play it right away or if it will take me some time to purchase it.

4. I want to send you something that isn't on your Amazon list or something I made.
For the moment, the only kind of gifts I am accepting, is off my Amazon wishlist or fan art. If you are an artist and wish to send me something, please be sure to contact me at kittiekitsuneko(at) I will be getting a PO Box soon for those that wish to send me something else.

4. Why so many ads? Why are you promoting "x", aren't you making enough?
YouTube/Twitch places those ads at their own discretion. I have no control over the ads in any way/shape/form. I do not make *any* money at the time of writing this thus, I am an affliate with these places in hopes of recovering my monthly costs for streaming. (I even priced my merch at just pennies over cost!)

5. What is the best way to support you?
The best way to support me is through Patreon, Tips/Donations or via Twitch livestreams. This helps in many ways such as; purchasing games/items that people want me to play/review, better equipment, monthly fees, etc.