1. Do you still do art commissions?
Depends. It depends on the commission. I take them on a case by case basis at the moment. Meaning, depending on how involved it is and if it's something that interests me, will depend on if I decide to do it or not. But please keep in mind, because I work and stream, you may be waiting longer than usual for your art to be finished.

2. What kind of trades do you usually do?
I do art trades as well as other trades, depending on my schedule and if it's something that interests me. Of course, if it's something off my wishlist or art that I truly enjoy, then the likelihood of it being accepted is quite high. Do keep in mind, I do fair trade services, meaning, what you would ask/charge is how much I will give back. And if you're asking for a website, etc, it can be quite costly.

3. I like you on Twitch, can I ask you to play a game?
Of course! I am always looking for game suggestions! I am more than willing to hear what games you would like to see me play! Depending on the game though, could mean on if I can play it right away or if it will take me some time to purchase it. (IE: it's for a system I do not have, I have to BUY the system, etc)

4. I want to mail you something/send you something, how can I do that?
For the moment, the only kind of gifts I am accepting, is off my Amazon wishlist or fan art via e-mail. I will be getting a PO Box soon so if you're interested in sending me something at that time, you will be more than welcome to. But until that time, this is how it will be.