Kittie's Characters

Kittie Kitsuneko -- White Fox/Cat with Pink tipped; (large)ears, (fox)tail, wings and paws, white tuff on chest and bright blue eyes.
KittiePink ----- Blue/green eyed white cat with long hot pink curly hair, hot pink lion tuff at end of tail and hot pink tuffs at tops of ears.
Scully Fremont -- 4 tailed orange & white Fox; brown paws, white tipped tails, red hair, green eyes & green scar around left eye.
Lady Kittie -- Leopard with thick, high, long and curly bubblegum pink ponytail, large ears, blue eyes and wears medieval clothing.

Centi Here's an adorable picture of Kittie Kitsuneko that was made for me by Centi on DeviantArt. Thanks so much again! She's so adorable! I want this as a plushie so bad!

kittiepink by james s flynnHere's an amazing picture of my character KittiePink if she were a Sailor Senshi! I absolutely adore this picture SO much! Like, you have no idea! hehe

AishaHere's a beautiful picture of KittiePink done by the Aisha. Eventhough Kittie is a cat, she is looking as if she's quite modest! I absolutely love the face in this picture so much. She also made me a plushie to go with this picture. Was totally adorable! Sadly said plush was destroyed in a flood that happened.

AnimixxHere's an anime picture done of KittiePink by the talented Animixx. I love the way this turned out. She looks so mysterious as she shows off her toy ball. I love the colors in this one too. They're so eye popping and vibrant!

kittiepink by james s flynnHere's an adorable KittiePink sprite. It was made by James S Flynn! This is truly adorable! She just looks so dapper! Thank you!

Laura Here's an snazzy picture that was made for me by Laura! Thanks so much again! KittiePink in her Moulin Rouge Attire! I loved that movie so much! She really pops off that green background!

Shiz Here's an beautiful picture of KittiePink that was made for me by Shiz. This picture is one of my favs! I love her face in this!!! Thank you!

UV Here's a stunning picture of KittiePink by UltraViolet. Thanks so much again! She's giving me Evanescence vibes (which is a fav band of mine too!)!

Snuurg Here's a wonderful sculpture of KittiePink by Snuurg! Thanks so much again! I still have her sitting on my desk!

Scully Here's a really cool picture of my Kitsune Character Scully Fremont. She's looking extra capable of kickin' some butt!

tigers kitten I used to make cosplay accessories and fursuit pieces. So Tigers Kitten made me some banners! I LOVE this one!

Tigers Kitten I used to make cosplay accessories and fursuit pieces. So Tigers Kitten made me some banners! Here's another one that is just so simple and cute!

Almiras Silver Wolf An ADORABLE banner of KittiePink for my website ages ago. I still love it! Thank you!

Kitten Fetus Here's a beautiful banner of KittiePink by Kitten Fetus! I absolutely love this banner, she is so amazingly well done! Thank you!